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Meet Mikalveli AKA Veli Baby recording artist merging from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Just like Texas, Florida, L.A., and currently the A.T.L. has been the “It Factor, the go to place for all things music” North Carolina is getting in where it fits in and is taking the reins.
North Carolina is on the rise for music artist and it’s their time to shine. We have already witnessed some very accomplished talent come out of North Carolina like J.Cole, Fantasia, Petey Pablo and most recently DaBaby.

There is a upcoming artist in the making who will be just the one to bring it home to North Carolina and make North Carolina the new go to place to scout talent.
His name is Mikal Battle but in the music game you will find him going by the name Mikalveli aka Veli Baby.

Mikalveli was born February 6, 1993 and calls North Carolina home, Greensboro to be exact.
He doesn’t forget his original home town roots and so he represents both the (252) and (336) area codes but he is definitely riding and grinding for Greensboro.
Veli’s music goes back to around 4th grade when his mom bought him his first electric guitar.

He always had an ear for music oddly enough he couldn’t read music however he didn’t allow that to stop him because he learned to play by ear.
If that isn’t enough to make you want to listen to his music and learn more about this guy then I don’t know what will.
Maybe once you check out his Mix Tape “Blood Money” you will truly understand his talent and his potential as a great upcoming artist.

Mikalveli went on to continue on his music path throughout Middle school by playing in the band, again still never learning to read music and only playing by ear. He was so talented he was recruited by the High School band coach.

However, Mikalveli turned it down as he was all about girls then and wanted to get into sports.
This caused a slight hiatus for Veli Baby from the music game.

It took Veli’s uncle to be released from prison to realize his love for music hadn’t fully left.
His uncle had a note book with raps he wrote in prison and Veli picked up the notebook, memorized the lyrics and would go to school rapping them.
In turn Veli grew a fan base and realized not only could he learn to play instruments by ear but he also had a talent for rapping and started writing his own.

In 2012, he met a guy named Major who produced music and started making music in the house with him and it was discovered Mikalveli had a real future in music as a rap artist.
When asked who are some of his influences Veli does not hesitate to mention 50 Cent and the G-unit crew, but Veli definitely has a sound and energy of his own.
Fast forward to 2019 by now Mikalveli has perfected his craft and has ran into none other than Sir Classic, C.E.O. of Dictator Records.
Sir Classic has been in the game since 1997 and has made not only a name for himself but helped in the careers of many upcoming and established Atlanta artist.

Sir Classic was promoting music between Atlanta and North Carolina when he saw the need for all the upcoming artist coming from North Carolina to have an outlet, to get their music out so he decided to stay in North Carolina for about a couple of months.
While there, Sir Classic did his typical business guru move and created that outlet for the artist in the local area.

Sir Classic was at a local gas station promoting his music, when he met Mikalveli and they soon exchanged contact information and later on linked up to work together and that led Veli to sign with
Dictator Records.

Sir Classic had organized a weekly open mic at a local club and started hosting and DJing at the open mic as a way to scout new artist and for them to have a place to showcase their musical talent.
After the weekly open mic had come to an end, Sir Classic started to put his attention towards Veli and rebranding the label in the Carolina market.

The one talent who stood out the most over his course of time there was none other than Mikalveli.
Sir Classic saw the potential in Veli and decided to sign him to the label because in words, “Mikalveli was not only confident but he was humble.” Sir Classic appreciates artists that are teachable and who like Mikalveli want to learn the music business.

Sir Classic sees not only the potential in North Carolina but he sees it in his new protege Mikalveli and both are about to make their mark in a major way. When you see that North Carolina and Mikalveli are both on the map due to Sir Classic’s vision be sure to recognize that the vision was set in motion.

Check out his latest EP titled “Two Five”

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