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Meet Vicky Ivey inspirational recording artists & song writer.

Influenced by John P. Kee, Dottie Peoples, Shirley Caesar, Tamela Mann, and Whitney Houston, Vicky Ivey started singing at age 5 at Greater Zion Wall Church in Durham, North Carolina where her Dad was a drummer and her Mom was a missionary. In the tradition of all the great singers, she grew up in the church and learned important singing lessons that would stay with her right up to today. But being a preachers kid had many demands on her growing up that gave her life lessons, not just music lessons. From those early experiences being a part of the praise and worship team, to singing in her high school gospel choir, Vicky stayed busy fine-tuning her craft by singing and performing with the 5 member group named Deliverance for 3 years, which toured New York, Connecticut, and Atlanta before creative differences forced her to reluctantly leave the group in 2003.

She returned to her roots singing in church and formed a singing duo named Chosen. After a brief hiatus from music to raise a family (3 sons) and attend Miller-Motte College in Cary, North Carolina, Vicky Ivey returned to music while going thru a difficult divorce. “I suffered through an abusive marriage because I was pushed into my first marriage because I got pregnant and being a preacher’s kid there was a lot of pressure on me to be an example for my younger siblings”

Things got so bad that she began to doubt herself and her purpose. “The verbal abuse and mental abuse really damaged my self-esteem” she says. “My life has been a 34 year long journey, a long growth process to get to where I am now. I often say that music saved my life” she explains.

Her creative turning point came in 2009, when she returned to the recording studio and started working on her first solo recording project, after many starts and stops the new
single “Call on his name”, a collaboration between North Carolina based producer Bionik, songwriter Bles Jones and Vicky Ivey started to take shape. Written, recorded and mixed at Deviant Son Studios in one session, the song deals with real life situations, never giving up. “When I started singing this song, I really felt a lot of emotions because the song was true to life”, Vicky Ivey explains.

Despite all of her personal trials and struggles, Vicky Ivey is a survivor who puts everything she has into her music. The inspirational song “Call on his name” was eventually discovered by Seneca “Sir Classic” McFarland owner of Dictator Records, who was instantly moved by the songs’ message. “Even though the song was recorded a while ago, the song spoke to me and I felt it was important to sign it to the label and put it out worldwide” he says. “Call on his name” was officially released by Atlanta based independent record label, Dictator Records on Apple music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal on July 4, 2017 and is already generating online sales and starting an internet buzz.

 The song has a universal message that targets single moms who are struggling with many life challenges, plus it speaks to a younger generation that’s losing hope in a confusing world, with its’ inspirational and uplifting message. “I’m proud of my journey and all of my scars and I don’t have the fear that I had when I was younger. We sometimes spend so much time keeping up a mask, that we don’t have enough energy to build our own reality” she explains.

 Not just a singer but also a performer, Vicky Ivey has been on stage with several musical stage productions; The Black Poetry Theatre presentation of “Her Story”, the stage play “Yet Praise Him” produced by Gifts of God Ministries and the M.O.R.E. Love Foundation Productions and the Highway to Heaven Productions stage play “The Whole House”. “I want my music to reach people inside as well as outside the church”, Vicky says. “I want to reach an international audience”, she smiles. She’s currently in the process of writing songs for the new self titled debut album which is scheduled for a 2017 release. Also in the works is a Christmas album for the upcoming holidays.

“I believe in doing what God tells you what to do, not what friends or even what family tells you to do. I’m about telling the truth. I’ve learned how to forgive myself and to be comfortable with all of my mistakes in the past” she describes. With her genuine testimony, Vicky Ivey brings real-life honesty and heart-felt emotions to everything she sings. She looks forward to one day working with artists like Erika Campbell, Le’Andria Johnson, John Legend, Fantasia and Alicia Keys.

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